A.T.T.S. Italvapore is located at Deposito Rotabili Storici Pistoia (D.R.S.) i.e Historic Rolling Stock Depot in Pistoia - Italy. This area is close to Pistoia train station.


Pistoia is a small town about 30 km (19 miles) far from Florence. You can reach Pistoia from Bologna (North) or from  Rome (south) along the A1 motorway.

Leave the A1 at "Firenze-Nord" and than take the motorway A11 direction to Prato and Pisa.

Along the A11, exit at "Pistoia", than follows signs to Pistoia Centro (Pistoia city center) nad Pistoia Stazione (train station).  The D.R.S. is about 400 mt west of Pistoia station.

If you're using a GPS car navigator, remember that you can't find the D.R.S. or any relative address on your device. The D.R.S. is a railway area not reported in any digital map. Point you navigator to Pistoia train station.