The DRS  - Deposito Rotabili Storici (historic rolling stock depot) of Pistoia is located at the former DL - Deposito Locomotive - Pistoia (locomotives depot), i.e. a railway installation built in 1864. 

Following the sunset of steam traction in Italy, the DL lost progressively of importance until the complete closure in 1994. After a year of complete abandonment, the entire area was entrusted by  Ferrovie dello Stato (the italian national railway company) with a free concession to the newborn ATTS - Italvapore association, born in Florence in 1995.  

In the year 2014 with the establishment of Fondazione Ferrovie dello Stato, the management of DRS returned to the national railway administration. Immediately, radical restructuring works began, which ended in autumn 2017. Nowadays the DRS is a state-of-the-art structure that has no equal in the world as it is a railway depot solely dedicated to the maintenance of historic rolling stock. 

The DRS is not a museum or an area where old timers that will never run on the tracks are preserved. The DRS is a daily active workshop where efficient steam locomotives are repaired and housed. So, the DRS is not open to the public for safety reasons. 

However, once a year, a special "open gates" is organized. In this day the entrance is free and you can visit the entire plant, the workshops and the historic rolling stocks.

Next open day: March 2018.